Product Type.Item No.
*AC rechargable   ( Item No.: LLMLSA030T )
*Battery   ( Item No.: LLMLSA031T )
*USB rechargable   ( Item No.: LLMLSA032T )

*Color changing LED
*TAP on/off
*Poseable limbs
*Magnet installed in both hands
*Milky white, soft PVC
*Fluff on color part


*Through its glowing of rainbow colors, the world is bathed in a kaleidoscopic effect.

*The LED heart features the power-saving and low heat for giimmö * Magic Light, and the inbuilt sensor provides gimmickry of tapping for switch on/off.

*All giimmö * Magic Light products play tricks on their sleeves; with the magnet set in their hands, giimmö * Magic Light can hold metal pin or clip.

*Furthermore, their hands, legs and ears are adjustable, which allow you to turn giimmö * Magic Light into the coolest poses.

Product Design

The glows of peaceful rainbow colors pacify all frights and loudness in the bed room for the baby, which also gives imaginary fantasy to the grownups.

giimmö * Magic Light plays tricks on the switch, gently tap giimmö to turn on, and tap again to turn off.

By learning inspirational stories behind each giimmö role-play, children enhance their creativity as well as ability of comprehensive understanding.

The inbuilt LED features low heat and low power consumption to correspond to the needs of eco-friendly.

Product Meas.
(W)080x(D)085x(H)120 mm